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Congratulations Future Educators!

Hailing from 14 home states and planning to teach seven languages other than English, please join us in congratulating our largest incoming class to date: 20 outstanding future educators who join the Lead with Languages Teacher Scholarship Program this fall!

Know a future language teacher who's currently a high school senior? The call for applications will reopen in Spring 2024.

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5 Questions for an Arizona Student of Arabic

Arizona State University Chemistry PhD candidate Charlotte has long been involved in learning and sharing about the Arabic language and culture. Hear about the language fair she helped organize and why she is so devoted to Arabic.

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5 Questions for a Future Scientific Researcher Learning English, Turkish & French

Massachusetts high school senior Dilara is building on her experience learning Turkish and French to empower other women seeking to participate in exchange programs abroad. Read about her efforts and also her exchange program in Switzerland!

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5 Questions for a Teacher who Worked in China

2nd grade teacher Courtney has studied four languages and taught English in China. Read about her experiences abroad and who motivates her to continue her language journey!

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Ask Away: 5 Questions for a Future Non-Profit Executive Learning Urdu, Spanish & Arabic

Delaware high school student Amna knows that language skills combined with scientific knowledge will help her launch an organization addressing addiction issues in the future. Hear her insights on the importance of advocacy for language education!

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Kenny: Bilingual Education Assistant Leading With Spanish, French & Portuguese

After spending two decades working abroad, Kenny returned to the United States to pursue a career as a Bilingual Education Assistant & Social Worker. Hear why he continues to seek out opportunities to immerse himself in new languages such as Portuguese.

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5 Questions for a Minnesota Learner of Mandarin Chinese & Korean

Physics major Caitie took her Mandarin Chinese skills abroad while also learning Korean. Hear about her experience working on a research project in China as part of the Blugold Fellows Program!

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5 Questions for a Conneticut-Based Future Teacher from Troyes, France

Christophe is a future teacher from France studying at the University of Connecticut. Learn about the differences between university in France and in the U.S., and about what he hopes to bring to his future classroom.

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What's Your Language Superpower?

Throughout February, we're creating awareness about the value of language education by exploring the important core skills that learners acquire in addition to their target language. Take our fun quiz to discover your own #LanguageSuperpower today!

5 Questions for a Learner of French and Hindi

High school senior Anushka is preparing to take her French skills abroad to Switzerland! Find out more about what she is looking forward to during her time abroad.

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