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Programs & Initiatives

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Our programs directly support educators at all stages of career advancement—from recruitment through ongoing professional development—to ensure that a diverse and thriving teacher workforce is empowered to make important decisions both for themselves and on behalf of their learners.

Funding secured by the Language Connects Foundation helps increase access to existing ACTFL programs and create new programs that fill critical needs gaps.

Beyond the classroom, these programs leave an indelible impression on all areas where language education enhances our daily lives—bringing communities closer together, providing businesses with a pipeline of urgently needed multilingual and multicultural talent, bolstering national security, and dispelling long-held myths about the value of language skills by replacing them with facts.

Explore What We Do

Our work addresses critical challenges currently facing the language education profession.

Professional Development

Supporting educators’ growth through funding for mentoring and continuing education opportunities

Scholarships & Awards

Recognizing the accomplishments of educators and students, especially those from traditionally underserved communities

Public Education

Ensuring that those outside the profession understand the importance of language education