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Help Celebrate the Value of Language Learning Across Sectors!

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Do you know a former student, friend, or another individual who regularly employs their language and cultural skills in their work and/or career? We need your help making these connections!

In our Professional Profiles series, we're highlighting the experiences of multilingual professionals representing a broad array of languages, levels, roles, and fields.

These testimonials help to accomplish important public education efforts by demonstrating that language skills are an asset to those in any professional setting—from marketing and medicine to travel, law, sales, service, engineering, and beyond!

Please complete the below information to help us connect with professionals whose stories will inspire language learners to pursue their dreams.

(If you are a referring—or self-nominating!—a language teacher to be featured in our Educator Profiles series, please complete our Educators Referral Form instead.)

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Examples include (but are not limited to!): former student, friend, family member, community member, etc.

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