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Classroom Microgrants for Language Educators

Female teacher shows young students a book at a small table
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LCF/Vista Classroom Microgrants for Language Educators

The LCF/Vista Microgrants Program for Language Educators is an initiative aimed at supporting and empowering those who are dedicated to promoting multilingualism and cultural diversity in the classroom. This program provides small grants to K-12 educators who are passionate about teaching languages and incorporating cultural elements into their lessons.

This program is open to all K-12 language educators regardless of setting. Eligible individuals may apply for grants of $300 to fund a variety of projects, including:

  • Organizing cultural events or activities for their learners, including those in collaboration with relevant community organizations; and
  • Creating projects that support diverse perspectives and provide opportunities to develop cultural competence.
100 microgrants of $300 each will be awarded between September 2023 and May 2024.
The three funding cycles include:
  • September 1 to November 10, with awards announced at the ACTFL Convention
  • Mid-November to February 12, with awards announced on February 15
  • Mid-February to May 10, with awards announced on May 15

Please note the approximate dates of grant disbursement when making your request.

Applicants should be aware that eventual payments to selected recipients are made via ACH which will require you to enter your personal banking details into our fully encrypted online system; candidates who are not comfortable with the payment process or whose school policies prohibit completion of this step will not be eligible to receive funding.

Application Requirements and Process

  1. Applicants must be K-12 language educators and provide a well-articulated need and purpose, including an itemized list of anticipated expenses.
  2. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and applicants that don’t receive a grant in a given funding cycle (three per year) can reapply. Applicants are invited to submit one proposal per funding cycle.
  3. Awardees must agree to submit a short video (30-45 seconds maximum) within a week of grant notification to be used to promote the microgrants program. Videos should answer the prompt: "I teach a language because..." and should share the grantee's name, language and level taught, and anticipated use for the funds.
  4. Recipients are limited to one award annually across the three funding cycles.

Interested in supporting an impactful initiative like this? We invite you to explore opportunities for corporate partners or contact LCF Director Kit Hall to discuss customizable options.