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Congratulations Future Educators!

Hailing from 14 home states and planning to teach seven languages other than English, please join us in congratulating our largest incoming class to date: 20 outstanding future educators who join the Lead with Languages Teacher Scholarship Program this fall!

Know a future language teacher who's currently a high school senior? The call for applications will reopen in Spring 2024.

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Tetsu: Pharmaceutical Consultant Leading with Japanese, French, Mandarin & more!

The founder of TETSUNAGI Consulting, Inc., Tetsu has built a career around leveraging his language and cultural skills. Hear his advice for learners about the benefit of combining languages with your passions and knowledge base.

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Elena: World Language Educator, Teacher Trainer & Language Assessment Specialist

Elena teaches German, Russian & English, and she is learning French. Explore her advice for aspiring teachers and what teaching a language means to her.

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5 Questions for an LCF Student Ambassador and Future Teacher

Jasmine is pursuing a dual major in French and Linguistics and will graduate with two teaching certificates. In this post, she describes her journey from student to blog editor, as well as aspirations of sharing the fun of French in her own future classroom.

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Antonio: Spanish Teacher and Proficiency Test Rater

Antonio teaches Spanish at Western Ablemarle High School in Virginia. Learn what inspired him to join the profession and how he uses his Spanish outside of the classroom as a volunteer.

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Alaa: High School Arabic Teacher

Alaa teaches Arabic at Jonesboro High School in Georgia. Learn what inspired him to join the profession and what keeps him passionate about teaching!

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5 Questions for a Luce Scholar in South Korea

An Assistant Researcher currently living in Seoul as a Luce Scholar, Angelique shares how studying and working abroad have shaped the course of her life and the opportunities available to her.

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Sara: 4th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Sara is a 4th grade exchange teacher at the International School of Louisiana. As part of our series of Educator Profiles, learn what teaching a language means to her and what keeps her motivated.

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5 Questions for a Luce Scholar in Japan

Taylor is living and working in Osaka, where she partners with Nijiro Diversity and Pride Center Osaka to advocate for LGBTQ rights in Japan. Learn more about her experience as a Luce Scholar and read Taylor's tips on finding funding for study abroad.

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Justin: Head of Mandarin at an International School

Justin shares that languages have played a pivotal role in opening his eyes to the world and fostering a growth mindset. Read his tips for aspiring or early-career language educators.

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