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Language & Careers

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With language skills in high and rising demand, no matter the field they choose, language learners have a distinct competitive advantage over their monolingual peers in the job market.

Language Skills are a Career Game-Changer

From health care and government to finance and sports (and everywhere in between), employers are seeking professionals who can communicate with a wide range of individuals both domestically and abroad. They’re also seeking multilingual talent for the additional skills they bring to the table—knowing that language learners demonstrate enhanced empathy, tolerance, cultural awareness, and critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Did you know?

U.S. employers say they…

90% – Rely on employees with language skills other than English.

25% – Have lost business due to a lack of language skills.

47% – Need multilingual talent exclusively for the domestic market.

Sector Profiles

Wondering where to begin? Explore some of the sectors below to learn how languages can make all the difference: