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Share Your #LanguageDream: Language Learning Opens Doors

We're empowering individuals to share how language learning can shape the future.

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Each month this spring, the Language Connects Foundation is releasing a new printable poster centered on a theme addressing how language learning contributes to a brighter future—one with more connections across cultures, more understanding, and more opportunities to thrive!

We invite you to download all four posters as they become available and join us across social media to share your #LanguageDream for the future.

Language Learning Opens Doors

Learning a language touches all aspects of our lives, from our relationships with families and friends, to our success in school and the workplace—and even the hobbies we enjoy in our free time.

When we have more words and broader perspectives at our disposal, we allow ourselves to take advantage of all that life has to offer: The possibilities become limitless!

  • Achievement: Language learners outperform their peers across subject areas in school. And once they learn a second language, it's easier for their brains to continue to add more languages.
  • Exploration: Languages provide a key to accessing experiences and cultures around the world, making more study abroad options available and allowing learners to engage more easily with those they meet while traveling. By interacting directly with locals, they can learn about and appreciate foods, activities, traditions, and insights that monolingual tourists simply don't see!
  • Career Growth: 90 percent of U.S. employers rely on their team's language abilities. No matter their languages, multilinguals hold a competitive advantage in the job market across roles and sectors.

Languages are a gift we give to ourselves, our futures, and the future of our world: If we can dream it—in any language—we can achieve it!

What's Your #LanguageDream?

Imagine a future where language learning is prioritized and everyone has access to high quality language education... What does that future mean for you? What does it mean for the world?

Let's Dream Together:

Download Your March Poster

  1. Print your Language Learning Opens Doors poster.
  2. Answer the prompt on social media: "My #LanguageDream for the future is..."
  3. Spread the word: Share this activity with friends, family, colleagues, and beyond!

We'll be re-sharing some of our favorite responses to the prompt across social media @LangConnectsFdn. Follow us to join the conversation.

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