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Join the Fun: What's Your Language Dream?

We're empowering individuals to share how language learning can shape the future.

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Greater support for language educators. Broader access to language learning. Deeper connections across communities and cultures.

As our vision explains, everything we do at the Language Connects Foundation strives to serve three outcomes. We're working in partnership with educators, learners, families, corporations, policymakers, and others to help create a world that understands the many benefits of language learning and supports both educators and learners throughout all stages of their unique and powerful language journeys.

Throughout Spring 2023, we're asking everyone to dream big! Each month, we'll be releasing a new printable poster with a theme addressing how language learning contributes to a future in which everyone has the skills, tools, and opportunities they need to thrive—in more than one language!

When we speak up about the value of language learning, we not only empower language students and educators, but we also strengthen communities, businesses, the economy, and our national security.

Language Learners Are Global Citizens

Language learners are able to communicate with more people around the globe by using a greater collection of languages, but that's not the only way they engage with the world!

In exploring those languages, they also develop enhanced levels of core skills, including improved:

  • Empathy and tolerance,
  • Curiosity and broader perspectives,
  • Cultural awareness, and
  • Positive attitudes toward other languages and their speakers.

Language learners practice being comfortable with the uncomfortable—testing the edges of their own space to bring down barriers on a quest to encounter new sounds, sights, flavors, and friends. They make and easily move beyond mistakes, building confidence and inviting those they meet to be vulnerable along with them. They are also more willing to consider another point of view before making a decision.

When everyone from our next-door neighbors to our global leaders have these skills, the world is a brighter place for all. That's our dream for the future.

What's Your #LanguageDream?

Imagine a future where language learning is prioritized and everyone has access to high quality language education... What does that future mean for you? What does it mean for the world?

Let's Dream Together:

Download Your February Poster

  1. Print your Language Learners Are Global Citizens poster.
  2. Answer the prompt on social media: "My #LanguageDream for the future is..."
  3. Spread the word: Share this activity with friends, family, colleagues, and beyond!

We'll be re-sharing some of our favorite responses to the prompt across social media @LangConnectsFdn. Follow us to join the conversation.

More Resources to Come

Check back each month this spring for a new themed poster to add to your collection.

Download Your March Poster Download Your April Poster Download Your May Poster