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Study Abroad Programs

Life-changing. Eye-opening. Awe-inspiring. Students everywhere are talking about their study abroad experiences.

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Every year, more high school and college students are heading overseas to pursue both academic and personal interests. Discover some programs and resources that can help you join them!

Why Study Abroad?

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all programs. With so many university and private-organization led options to choose from, students are able to select tracks that suit both their schedules (semester, yearlong, or off-session) and individual passions (language-intensive, pre-med, engineering… the possibilities are endless!). In addition, many programs offer a healthy balance of academics to extracurricular experiences – internships, service-learning components, and group projects.

Concerned about the cost? For students studying at their university’s counterpart overseas, the cost of tuition abroad is often the same as at home, sometimes with an additional one-time administrative fee. Multiple grants and scholarships are available, and university counselors are invaluable resources for locating financial aid.

A pivotal opportunity for any college student, study abroad strengthens personal attributes, language skills, and career prospects like nothing else can – making for a genuinely unforgettable experience.

Study Shows that Studying Abroad Has a Direct Impact on Skills Needed for Career Success

IIE demonstrates in this new report a strong link between international educational experience and significant gains in 11 of 15 critical 21st century workplace skills.

Personal Attributes

Returning study abroad students report the joy of leaving their “comfort zone” or coming out of their “shell” while exploring unknown territory among new peers. They build confidence and bolster their social skills while becoming more open to different cultures and ways of life as cultural ambassadors. Friends who meet while studying abroad also share a special and lasting bond.

Language Skills

Nothing comes close to the total immersion of living on a daily basis in a foreign country, surrounded by the culture and media of the language a student is learning. When language becomes a main focus throughout the day, intensive programs are able to condense instruction that usually spans many weeks into a single semester, promoting fluency much faster than possible at a home campus.

Career Prospects

Graduates with study abroad experience are stronger job candidates, possessing the skills employers are seeking in our global market where team-building and international cooperation are key.

Additional Information and Myth-Busting

Study and Intern Abroad Programs

Interested in studying abroad? The first step is to meet with an advisor at your university. In addition, you can check out:

See also the Choose Your Language pages for programs and opportunities specific to your language.

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