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Bertha Delgadillo

2024 SCOLT Regional Language Teacher of the Year

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Bertha Delgado - SCOLT

Originally from Tampico, Tamaulipas, México, Bertha Delgadillo became a language educator inspired by her ELA, ESOL, and Spanish teachers, as they played a key role in uplifting her dreams while growing up undocumented in South Georgia.

Because she believes that teaching transcends the classroom, Bertha centers her teaching at the intersection of her students' identities, interests, needs, and the stories of the people where the target language is spoken. By connecting students with the local Spanish-speaking community through service, she aims to foster empathy and change through moments where students are empowered in the language through their contributions.

Bertha, a National Board-Certified Teacher since 2020, leads presentations and workshops supporting language teachers nationally and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Educational Innovation, focusing on Secondary Spanish Education because she desires to become a stronger advocate for her students, the profession, and her communities.

Bertha is the 2024 SCOLT Teacher of the Year, and the 2023 Foreign Language Association of Georgia (FLAG) Teacher of the Year.