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Making Languages Our Business – Media Kit

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As we continue to engage with the global economy, language skills are a vital asset in the U.S. workplace. Share findings from the Making Languages Our Business report with your network.

About the Report

Making Languages Our Business: Addressing Foreign Language Demand Among U.S. Employers is a 2019 report commissioned by ACTFL based on a survey of 1,200 U.S. employers conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs.

Findings indicate an urgent and growing demand for language skills in the U.S. workplace, with 90 percent of employers surveyed stating a reliance on employees with language skills other than English and a majority anticipating demand for such skills to increase in the next five years. The report also defines a role for U.S. businesses regarding language education policy, presenting seven actionable recommendations they may employ to contribute to fostering a robust future multilingual workforce.

The Executive Summary and Full Report are available here.

Social Media Graphics to Download

Include key findings from the report in your posts, presentations, and more. Please cite Making Languages Our Business (ACTFL, 2019) as your source.

Graphic 1 What Languages Mean for U.S. Employers: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Graphic 2 Departments With Greatest Language Skills Need: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Graphic 3 – U.S. Employers' Domestic and International Language Needs: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Graphic 4 – Most In-Demand Languages Reported by U.S. Employers: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Graphic 5 – The Language Skills Gap: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Graphic 6 – Demand for Specific Languages by U.S. Employers: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn