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Knowledge is power. When instructional practices are based on cutting-edge research, both educators and learners are empowered to explore language learning at the forefront of our interconnected, global society.

Data Makes a Difference

For more than 50 years, our parent organization ACTFL has supported and conducted research through special projects and partnerships across the spectrum of language education—with topics including language assessment development, data collection, survey research, program evaluation, and the use of technology in language instruction.

Making Languages Our Business

Findings demonstrate that language skills are in urgent and rising demand among U.S. employers across industries and functions. Learn why 90 percent of U.S. employers say they rely on individuals with language skills—and explore seven actionable takeaways for businesses.

In collaboration with other language organizations and government agencies, the Language Connects Foundation supports these ongoing efforts with a goal to expand and develop new language education research in the areas most in-demand among educators, administrators, and policymakers today.

The results of this research will inform classroom teachers, business leaders, legislators, and the public by enhancing learning practices, improving recruitment measures across fields, broadening access to high-quality resources, and strengthening advocacy initiatives from coast to coast.