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Sara: 4th Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

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Portrait of Sara with the text "My favorite word or expression in another language is 'No dejes para manana lo que puedas hacer hoy"
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Meet Sara—a Spanish immersion teacher at the International School of Louisiana in New Orleans.

Ultimately, making my students feel that the language they are learning is useful in and outside of the classroom is one of the most fulfilling parts of teaching.

Language(s) you currently teach: Spanish and English

Other language(s) you know and/or are learning: French and Italian

Non-language subjects you currently teach: Multiple core subjects

Degrees held: Bachelor's Degree in primary education with a concentration in English as a Second Language (ESL); I am currently earning my Master's degree in bilingualism at the International School of Valencia, Spain. (See additional training below)

What first inspired you to become a language educator? What motivates you today?

What motivates and keeps motivating me nowadays is the amazing progress students make from the beginning to the end of the school year. Students not only learn the language, but they also learn the content and the mental processes which they develop throughout the school year. Ultimately, making my students feel that the language they are learning is useful in and outside the classroom is one of the most fulfilling parts of teaching.

What is the best or most fulfilling part of teaching language and culture?

When I first became a language educator, I wanted my students to experience the same feelings I had had before becoming fluent in English. The ability to understand what people are saying and communicate in other languages is a pleasant and gratifying experience. I enjoy creating a space where my students can learn to successfully use English.

What advice or encouragement would you like to share with aspiring or early-career language educators?

I would encourage aspiring or early-career language educators to become the teacher they would have loved to have when they were children. Teaching with passion and love for what we do is the best way to engage students and make them love learning a new language.

What's your favorite expression in another language? What does it mean?

My favourite expression in Spanish is: No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy. This means: Do not leave things not done for tomorrow, if you can have things done today.

What does teaching a language mean to you?

Teaching a language means you will do more than instruct students in grammar, vocabulary or spelling. You will create a community with your students. You will notice the growth in your students' confidence and awareness for what it takes to speak another language. Your classroom will become a place where students will feel safe and gain cultural sensitivity.

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