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Apps & Online Learning

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Interactive Programs, Social Networks, and Sites

Apps and websites make learning languages fun and can help supplement classroom experiences or introduce you to languages not offered in your area. The tools below are often offered on multiple platforms and many are free to use. They can also connect you to tutors, teachers, and a global community of fellow language learners.

Why Wait? You Could Get Started Today!

Explore MOOCs

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, bring classes taught at some of the world’s most renowned universities directly to you.

Interested in learning a language not offered at your high school or university? Want to practice or refresh some language skills you first acquired years ago? How about supplementing your current language studies with a better understanding of the culture, art, or literature of a different country? Just select a course, log in, and get started.

While they cannot replace the interaction of an in-person class experience, the advantages of MOOCs as learning tools are many. These courses are generally free of charge, without admission requirements, and flexible to suit your schedule and pace. For a fee, platforms also award certificates for courses (or series of courses) successfully completed.

For language learners of all ages, MOOCs make access to world-class educators—and the resources they provide—only a click away.